Office of Erarta Design is located in the building of Erarta Museum of Contemporary Art
Number 2, 29th line of Vasilievsky Ostrov, St. Petersburg, Russia

Erarta Design offers multiple solutions for interior design


Print is an ultra-realistic digital reproduction of an artwork. Each one is printed from a digital image, scanned with German Cruse scanner (also used in the Pentagon and the Vatican repository). Erarta Design workshop is one of the few in the world, operating on such equipment. No other technology today can provide higher definition and reproduce author's style of painting. This allows us to produce not just reproductions, but high-quality copies with the illusion of handmade touch. Moreover, we properly frame our prints so they perfectly fit into any interior, matching the style and the parameters. Print is an integral part of almost any design project, whether it is a creative interior of a restaurant, or a conservative office design. Such undoubted advantages of prints are reasonable cost and almost any desired size. Erarta Design works with hundreds of artists and it allows us to satisfy even the most sophisticated requests. Print is a great decorative design solution for bedrooms, living rooms and offices.


Erarta giclee involves professional artists adding manual finishing touches to manufactured prints with application of paints, dyes, gels, varnishes and other special materials. This technique allows one to add further dimension to the canvas surface, create live smears, enhance texture, simulate the ageing of a painting or create other special effects.


Our equipment and technologies allow us to produce large prints without quality loss, which makes it possible to use them in the genre of monumental art. We call it Wall-Art. Such works can be used for decorating walls and ceilings; they can also be finished by our professional artists. The same patterns can be repeated on textiles, furniture and other interior surfaces. Unlike mural, Wall-Art can be easily changed or replaced. We also offer an exclusive technology of creating high quality wall images on canvases and other materials. Wall-Art is a perfect solution to create a unique interior design, to hide imperfections and to emphasize advantages. Since there are no limits for images size, we are able to find cost-effective design solutions for any interior, whether it is home, office or a public area. In large and complex spaces Wall-Art looks particularly impressive. Ordering interior design with Wall-Art, you get an exclusive author's work created upon a unique project. On request, the image can be signed as “Erarta Especially for (client’s name)”, which emphasizes not only individuality of the client, but also the high status of the interior. Wall-Art technique is ideal for interior design of a house, a cafe, a hotel or an office.

Originals and reproductions

Original works of contemporary art stress the high status of the interior and are also an investment, rather than an expense, as obtained works should be viewed as an asset. However, the uniqueness of original works and their fixed sizes place certain limitations on their use in large orders. As a result, we often encounter client needs of using a combination of both original works of art and reproductions — for instance, in decorating office buildings or hotels, originals are used in meetings rooms and large public areas, such as lobbies, while areas for company staff and guest rooms respectively are best suited to using print reproductions of paintings.
For example, Four Seasons Hotels in St. Petersburg and Moscow use a combination of prints and premium giclees, made at Erarta workshop, and original works from Erarta Galleries for presidential rooms and guest areas. It is important to notice that in some public areas (restaurants, cafes, etc.) there is a high risk of damaging original works. In this case, high-quality prints, giclees and Wall-Art are ideal interior solutions. Using paintings for interior decoration, you create a very special atmosphere of the room.

Original works of Erarta Galleries

International network of Erarta Galleries is engaged in promotion of contemporary Russian art in Russia and abroad. Currently our galleries are presented in five cities around the world — St. Petersburg, London, Zurich, New York and Hong Kong. Erarta Gallery in St. Petersburg features paintings, graphic works, sculptures, art objects and installations by more than 150 artists from all regions of Russia. A variety of styles and price segments always allows our customers to find exactly what they need, or order a new original art object.


Integrating art into your spaces. Unique design solutions, tailored specifically to individual clients.
By special commission of large and corporate clients, Erarta can create individual projects which involve not only use of existing works of art but also design of new ones together with artists (taking into account aesthetic and technical requirements of the client in order to achieve specific company objectives) and their creation especially for the client’s interior by either Erarta Workshop or our partner manufacturing companies. Thus, Erarta Design can take care of the entire chain of the process, starting with idea generation and visualization (we always provide several versions of proposed design free of charge to our corporate clients) leading all the way to manufacturing and execution.
Such projects are carried out under the label “Erarta Especially For (client’s name)” and besides being creating completely unique design solutions, tailored specifically to the individual client, also provide unique PR angles for mass media and talking points for the company’s partners and clients.