Office of Erarta Design is located in the building of Erarta Museum of Contemporary Art
Number 2, 29th line of Vasilievsky Ostrov, St. Petersburg, Russia


Erarta museumis the largest private museum of contemporary art in Russia.The museum collection currently consists of 2,300 works of contemporary art created by more than 170 artists from all over Russia. He collection features paintings, graphic art, sculptures, art objects and installations. Erarta Museum is more than just a traditional fine art museum and is an innovative Russian museum of art, which activities aren’t limited to the aforementioned ones as well as support of contemporary Russian art — it is also actively engaged in its own creative projects. One of these projects is Erarta Design.

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Erarta Design aims to provide harmonious presence of art in everybody’s life. Art always helps to create comfortable, inspiring and impressive atmosphere, especially at work and in public spaces. We want people and art become closer to each other.
Erarta Design team will offer you the most interesting solutions for creating original interior design featuring works of contemporary art, and considering your budget, space parameters and personal preferences.

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Erarta Design added the interiors of a new restaurant Goose Goose, opened in St. Petersburg in September, with two artworks. The first one is a reproduction of the painting  "The Canals of Venice-2" by Mikhail Kazakovtsev, made in giclee technique.
The second work is the original composition by the manager of Erarta Design Alexandr Arkhipenko. The work is inspired by the famous Dutch artist Piet Mondrian.